What is Biogems?

Biogems is an environmental framework designed with the mission to conserve and protect biodiverse ecosystems that are quickly disappearing. Biogems aligns the interests of all stakeholders while providing unapparelled levels of efficiency and transparency.

Why Invest in our ecosystem?

Biogems is the next generation of environmental organization. Unlike traditional charitable contributions, participants in Biogems receive a direct ownership stake, through a Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”), in specific projects they select. Biogems NFT holders are paid a return during their participation.

Financial Returns

Biogems NFT holders are paid a daily interest rate in Ecocredits (ECO). Each Biogems NFT has a predetermined book value and interest rate based on the specific NFT series’ Bioscore. Interest is paid out daily and calculated by book value multiplied by daily interest rate. Payouts continue until expiration.